I am happiest when I have no idea where I’m going. I am content in discovery, at my best when I am at play. I have a voice in my head and if I am focused enough to hear it, clearly says, yes or no, stop or go. It doesn’t go very well in the studio if I don’t follow that direction.

I have experienced, what some think, are drastic shifts in my work. But I have come to see all of these changes, or perhaps, what may seem like fissures, as one body of work. I have never abandoned a ‘style’ or a material but simply taken a slight turn down another path of inquiry. Present throughout all of these investigations are preoccupations with jewel-like color, pattern, repetition, light, the haloes and ‘ghosts’ brought forth in optics, and light and movement.

I think I’m trying to say something. Something about spirit, the light, wonder. Something about how I want to feel and where I’d like to go. And I want to say it like a bell, a herald, in a whisper, or a symphony. I want to speak of hope and serenity, while never forgetting the unendurable pain and terror. I want to make nonsense, order, complexity and fragility. I want to make it like the song of the diaphanous wings of the LaceWing moth.