My Thoughts Eat Leaves - 2019

Representing a major breakthrough in my process resulting from my total inability to any longer “paint inside the lines,” I began creating simple handcrafted sculptures using cardboard, gouache and found or sculpted objects. Indescribably liberating after a very uncomfortable, to say the least, year, of not knowing how or with what I wished to make my work, I suddenly found that I had given myself permission to play.

Installing a small group of these pieces in one of my studios I continued to add and rearrange over a period of six years. Employing a plethora of materials, many of which were not at all traditional including pompoms, rhinestones, sculpey, pipe cleaners and aluminum foil, I had one rule: to be ridiculous, inventive, open and non-critical.

I had fun with the titles too: Corner Corset, Little Craft, Birdie, Pink Scramble, Rattle, Stealth, Ship, Corner Stripe, Silly, Thing One, Two, and Three, Frenchie, Oil Party and What Not, to name a few.

The title for this installation came from a dream in which I was speaking to a large group of art world professionals. After struggling for some time to respond to the question of how would I describe my ‘process,’ I threw up my hands and said,” you know it's really very simple, you see, my thoughts eat leaves."